About LGT VP

About LGT Venture Philanthropy

LGT Venture Philanthropy (LGT VP) is an independent charitable foundation established in 2007 with teams in Switzerland, Sub-Saharan Africa, and India. The Foundation strives to improve the quality of life of people facing disadvantages, contribute to healthy ecosystems and build resilient, inclusive, and prosperous communities. Founded by the Princely Family of Liechtenstein, LGT VP strengthens the capabilities of locally rooted organizations that deliver effective, scalable solutions to systemic problems. The foundation focuses on complementary solutions across health, education, and the environment in Sub-Saharan Africa and India that directly contribute to the SDGs. LGT VP provides flexible, multi-year core funding and builds long-term partnerships to catalyze collaboration and collective impact. Through the LGT Impact Fellowship, LGT VP matches experienced professionals with portfolio organizations to deliver strategic business expertise. Over 15 years, LGT VP has supported 73 high-impact organizations and deployed $109 million, contributing to improving the quality of life of 9 million across five regions. 


About Lightrock

Lightrock has been a pioneer in impact investing - its activities were initiated by the Princely House of Liechtenstein in 2007 and are backed by LGT, the international private banking and asset management group. Through this close partnership, Lightrock has grown to become a leading global impact investing platform seeking ambitious social, environmental and financial returns.
Lightrock’s investments demonstrably contribute to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Through active and thoughtful engagement with businesses that contribute positively to humankind and the planet, Lightrock pursues opportunities with the objective to enhance long-term value creation with attractive financial returns alongside societal, environmental, and technological innovation.

For more information about us, visit our websites on LGT Venture Philanthropy and Lightrock.